ICO Payment Processing

Merchant Account for Initial Coin Offering

High Risk Payment Processing

Instant ACH Processing

Have the ability to instantly charge bank accounts

Same day and next day funding

No worries about chargebacks


Works for any High Risk Business

US resident only program

No Hidden Fees

No fees until you start making money

Low Transaction Pricing

2.99% + 30 cents per transaction

We Get Everyone Approved

No matter your past history, whether good or bad credit, you’re approved.

As long as the business is legal, you’re in.

Chargebacks Don’t Exist in this Program

Since funds are immediately debited from bank accounts, this is a chargeback proof service, unless there is a clear example of fraudulent activity.

Our system immediately debits bank accounts so you don’t have to worry about insufficient funds, there are no chargebacks.  It’s hassle free payment processing.

Perfect for High Ticket Transactions and High Volume

There are no monthly limits.  You can earn $1,000 or $20,000,000 per month and your account won’t be throttled or limited.

no limit merchant account

Subscription Payments = No Problem

Offering subscriptions and recurring payments is included with all accounts.  Feel safe that you will be getting paid when it comes to renewal time.

Start off Your ICO Successfully

You don’t have to worry about credit card processors shutting your account down due to not accepting transactions for cryptocurrencies.

This is one of the safest ways to fund your ICO and get crowdfunded.

ico funding

Fast Approval

Everyone is approved:

  • No limits on volume
  • Transactions low
  • No monthly fees
  • US only

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